Friday, January 22, 2010

God's Plans

Hey everyone! It has been so long since I have wrote. I've been pretty busy and when I'm not busy I just haven't felt like writing. Maybe it's all this cold weather that makes me not feel as motivated as usual. (I'll blame it on that and not laziness!!) So, I'd like to thank God for the wonderful weather we are having today. It's in the 70s and I couldn't be happier. Oh, and I am going with my nephew to Hot Hearts tonight to see TobyMac!!! It's so awesome to see young kids who love the Lord. It's such a blessing!!

As many of us know, God's plans aren't always exactly our plans. I've wrote about this before but everyones situation is different and you always have to look for your silver lining. It may not be the answer you are looking for at the time, but maybe one day you will see it.

I have been through a lot in the last couple of years, but I definitely know that everything happened for a reason. It's still a reason that I can't even begin to comprehend, but God knows. Looking back, I can see things that happened, that changed me to bring me where I am today. I know for certain that I wouldn't have as much faith as I do now, I wouldn't be able to handle all of the small/medium things in life, and I certainly wouldn't be able to share to others what God has done for me. I am still working on that...actually God is. : ) I now know that I can get through MAJOR trials in my life with God and it has shown me that I can get through anything as long as I trust Him.

I thought about this the other day... God will never give you more than you can handle and obviously He has way more faith in me than I do. : ) I feel he has put me in certain situations so I can be there for people. You never know what someone is going through, but just knowing that you are there for them and that you have been in their situation (and made it through!!) may be a huge help! Hopefully you notice areas in your life where you could be a light to others. Hope you have a good weekend!!

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God. Romans 8:28 NKJV

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!

Happy New Year!!! I am hoping that everyone had a great 2009. Mine was very interesting to say the least, but with the help of God I made it! I am so thankful for God's peace. You can't really understand it till you experience it. Actually, you may not even realize you have it during the trial. But when you do it realize, it is so awesome. And I thank God everyday for his peace!

So, I'm sure you have heard someone mention their New Year's resolutions. I have never been one for resolutions. I normally don't make them but if I do I don't keep them and that sometimes frustrates me. You mostly here of people wanting to become healthier, reduce debt or to decrease the stress in their life. I have been thinking about it and I think this year I want to have a closer relationship to God. Then I started thinking about it a little more and realized that should be a lifetime resolution. But maybe that seems a little intimidating. I normally like to set small goals that I can accomplish, like organize my closet. :) I don't know why but it just sounded overwhelming for me! I guess I don't want to mess anything up, or do anything wrong.

But God doesn't look at it that way. He looks at our heart and knows our motives for why we do the things we do. We aren't always perfect but He doesn't expect us to be. He actually already knew we wouldn't and that is why He sent his Son to die for our sins. The ultimate sacrifice. We should always be so thankful for that gift. I know it is something that I could never do. He is an understanding God, who really cares for us. We need to honestly seek Him and desire to have a better relationship with Him. That should be our lifetime resolution. Hope you have a great year!

"God is our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1