Friday, May 21, 2010

God Stops

Hello, hello!! This week has been pretty good! And thank God it’s Friday!! No major plans this weekend. Hopefully some rest and relaxation is in the schedule, lounging by the pool, reading a good book. I just love May!!

As promised, this post is to reflect on things that I know for a fact that God has done for me recently!! Looking back, it’s so awesome to see where he has taken us, but we easily forget the day to day things he has done for us. That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to document this, especially in writing, is so I won’t forget the smaller things that God has done for me!

The first one that I want to point out happened during our Beth Moore simulcast at our church. We had prayed for weeks for everything to go just perfect and that morning the weather looked horrible. On my way to church, it was foggy and drizzling…just nasty. Then about 5 minutes after I got in the church (a BIG thank you God for that!!) the bottom fell out! It was raining so hard and loud! I personally was praying it would stop because I didn’t want the satellite equipment to go out!! (I was the technical contact for our church!) Well, we were busy with setting everything up that I didn’t really pay attention to the weather anymore. Then about 30 minutes before the simulcast started, I went outside and it looked like this! God is so awesome!
BTW, the simulcast was great!! There were a couple of technical difficulties but nothing we couldn’t fix. Or more appropriately, nothing that God couldn’t fix!!

About 2 years ago, I went in for my yearly physical and the doctor noticed my thyroid was enlarged. After some tests, they sent me to a specialist. They did an ultrasound and measured it. Six months later, they measured it again and it had grown so they scheduled a biopsy. Everything came back normal except that it was enlarged, most likely with fluid. They recommended removing the nodule, just because it was growing (it had no effect on my thyroid levels). For some reason I couldn’t make sense of removing something that was not causing any problems. So I didn’t do it. Well, this year at my annual thyroid exam, the nodule had shrunk! It was 1.4cm previously and now it is 1.1cm! I was excited and knew that God was watching out for me.

Well, my dad has been telling me I need to replace my tires on my car for at least a month now. But who really wants to do that?!? (Sometimes I hate being a grown-up!!) So, on Sunday he told me that he thought they were splitting so I finally planned to take my car in on Friday and get new tires (boo!). On my way home Thursday, long story short, I ran over a huge board on IH-10!! (Yes, it was unavoidable!!) When I looked at my tire, I didn’t notice anything crazy, but when my boyfriend looked at it he saw that the rim had cut my tire on the side. It sort of looked like someone had bit the tire! The damage could’ve been so much worse, to my fender or frontend of my car! Or I could’ve gotten into a wreck, but again I felt God was watching over me.

During all this tire craziness, I was thinking about how much it was going to cost for my tires. It didn’t help my dad thought they were going to cost $700 per tire!!! (which they didn’t! Thank you God!!) Not that I was seriously worrying, it was just on my mind. Then, $250 randomly showed up in my checking account. I still haven’t figured out why it’s there (calling the bank is on my to-do list : )) but personally I feel like God is watching out for me again.

There’s nothing He can’t do and nothing we can’t do, if we trust Him. I have been trying to notice God more in my everyday life, because we get so easily trapped in the negativity. The main theme that I have been focusing on is “choices”. You can choose happiness in any situation, especially when you choose God. Hope you have a great weekend!!

“Nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Celebration!!

Hey! Here’s another fun post! I just had to update you on the best week ever!! Whew!! I’ve had such an action packed week/weekend, it’s a miracle that I can make a sentence! The Lord has really blessed me last week more than I can name! It’s so awesome when we can immediately see God working in our life, for our good! I am so thankful for all my friends and family this week! My heart is overflowing from their kindness and love. Thank you Lord for your joy!!

Well, as some of you know I celebrated my birthday last week and it was a “Big” one!!

I’m not sure how you feel about birthdays but they are pretty important to me. I normally like to have a birthday week! You may laugh, but it is just easier to get friends and family together multiple days instead of doing one party where some people may not be able to make it. Anyhoo, I actually thought about having “30 days for 30 years” but then I thought that would be too hard (and maybe a little over the top) on my boyfriend! Haha. So a week it was. I think I ate out every night last week with different groups of friends and family. It was a blast! Then the big night was Friday… that's right....80’s skating party!!
Actually, let me back up because I have to throw out some props to God. (Ha, ha…props) I feel like God actually helped plan my party! There were alot of set backs in planning this party but as it got near, God just opened doors and it turned out to be a really great party. Things like actually talking to someone at the skating rink, my boyfriend talking to them without me knowing (How sweet!!), finding the perfect outfit and on and on. He is so good and is into the details too!! Now, back to the story….

We had so much fun at the skating rink. It was so much fun to get out there and not really care what anyone thought. (Well, I really did care about falling. Not something I wanted to do!!) And what’s funny is the kids there LOVED us. Actually, my boyfriend sort of had a following. Why wouldn’t he looking as awesome as he did?!?! Ha ha! I think he had more fun than the kids!! Alot of the kids were so sweet. They would tell me happy birthday and that they liked my dress. I know for a fact if I would’ve been that age, I definitely wouldn’t have talked to any strangers especially looking like we did!! But they were super nice. One little girl actually gave me one of her own bracelets for my birthday. It just really blessed me because I wouldn’t have thought to do that, especially to a weirdo in 80’s clothes!! Ha ha. Everything turned out really great and I was so glad that my friends actually dressed up!! I was nervous my boyfriend and I would be the only ones in costume. But at least I can say I am dating a rock star!! Haha.

Stay tuned...I've started working on a post where God has really shown up. Just more credit for the things he's done in my life!! Hope you have a good week!!

"Give me happiness, o Lord, for my life depends on you." Psalm 86:4 NLT

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Long time no see!

Hey everyone!! It’s been such a long time since I have wrote. There have been a lot of things going on and I just haven’t had time to write about all of them. Talk about all kinds of exhaustion!! I feel like I haven’t been able to catch up for about a month now. But when I do get to catch one day (and let me emphasize ONE!!) to do nothing, it is so nice! I’m so thankful for naps!! And if you know me, I treasure them! I wish I knew how awesome they were when I was little, because I would’ve had a lot more!!

Man, so much has gone on in the last few weeks. I haven’t had that much time to talk about them and wasn’t sure if I should or how to do it. I normally when I blog try to have some kind of message but today I just thought a summary of what I have been up to might be nice. They are going to be numbered but it’s in no particular order! I’m actually going to add pictures too, just for fun!!

1. I got to meet BETH MOORE!!!! It was insane! I felt like a little girl at a Jonas Brothers concert! Now I know how a stalker feels….only if she got to know me, I know we could be BFFs!! Haha. But seriously it was really neat to get to meet the woman who I’ve done bible studies with for years(just not in person). She was really down to earth and just too cute! But seriously, I think we could really be BFFs!!! Ha!

2. I also participated in Relay for Life this year with my boyfriends’ family.

His nephew has leukemia and they organized the team for him, Team Awesome Dawson. We played in a bowling tournament which was so much fun! In one of our practice sessions, I bowled the best game I have ever bowled… a 145!!!!! And of course I took a picture of it! And then our team won “Most creative theme” for our 3 Men and a Lady team name! Then we did the actual Relay for Life and it was so hectic. We had to move indoors because of the weather and there were so many people who participated. And by the way, our team won “Most Spirited Team” award! I think there were 82 teams in all and the last I heard the South Jefferson Relay raised $293,000!! That is so amazing and I am so glad I was able to be a part of that! (And thanks again to all those who donated to our team!)

3. I was invited to Las Vegas with my boyfriends’ family to attend his sisters’ wedding. It’s funny because I posted a lot of pictures of the trip on Facebook and some people thought that I got married!! (My boyfriends’ sister’s name is Heather also!! So there was some confusion.) That still cracks me up! I guess it happens though. We saw so much and then there was still so much we didn’t see. (The pictures are are sort of small but I was trying to be artistic!!)
4. While we were in Vegas, I HAD to stop by this one place…it was the MUST-DO of my trip!
I could have cared less about gambling but there was no question of stopping by the Apple Store (AND it was in our hotel! How awesome!!)!! I tried to not want the new iPad, but who can resist it’s 9.7 in multi-touch screen and awesome graphics?? So, I tried getting my little hands on one in Vegas to no avail and then when I got home I put my name on every waiting list here! Finally, on April 19, 2010, I purchased my new iPad. After much deliberation, I named her Pamela Irene Pad, Pam iPad for short. Although there was a little hiccup during the installation, Pam has been wonderful!! I am so glad that I bought her!! Hopefully I will have this kind of enthusiasm when I have children!! Haha.

Well, this concludes the summary recap. I hope you enjoyed it. I just can’t quit thinking of how God has blessed me, even though it’s been so hectic, it’s been an awesome couple of weeks. God knew I needed to have some fun, and boy did he bring it! I’m so thankful that He did! Hope you have a great weekend!!

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12 NIV