Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Answered Prayers

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good week so far!! I am under the weather today but I want to thank God that I am getting better! Yesterday was pretty bad but I can already tell I am on my way to recovery. Praying for a speedy recovery!!

Well, it all started Monday night. I came home with a headache and just not feeling that great. I was thinking because the upcoming changes in the weather, my sinus' were starting to act up. Well, I laid down and slept for a little while and felt worse when I got up. My body was aching and my chest felt congested but I wasn't coughing or anything and I had a 99 fever. Well, Tuesday morning I felt like someone ran over me!! I haven't been this sick in a LONG time and I am such a baby when it comes to things like this. I made a Dr. appointment and slept all day waiting to see the Dr. I called my mom and told her what my symptoms were and she said it sounded like I had the flu!! I don't think I have ever had the flu, or if so I don't remember it but I prayed "Lord, please don't let me have the flu."...specifically, right??

When I got there they did the normal blood pressure and temperature and I had 103 fever! They immediately did a flu test, which by the way is a nose swab up your nose!! I was not prepared for that! Let's just say it wasn't pleasant. As I waited I still prayed not to have the flu and guess what...I didn't. So then they did a blood test (which I wasn't prepared for also!!) to see if I had an infection and that came back negative too. So needless to say, I'm not really sure what I have, I just know it's not the flu! Could I have prayed for God to just heal me?? I guess I could have, but then would I have had the same message? God listens to us and hears our prayers, even if we limit his way to answer. We need to realize that God's ways are limitless and He still performs miracles everyday, we just sometimes don't realize it because we are too focused on the hustle & bustle of our daily lives. We need to believe God more, not just that He exists, but that He is who He says He is. Hope you have a great week!!

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20-21

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Your Normal Valentine's Post

Hey everyone!! Hope everything is going well with you! This morning, on the way to work (it was 6:45am and I was barely functioning!!!!), I saw the most amazing sunrise. I really wish that I wasn’t rushing to get to work or I would’ve stopped and taken some pictures. It reminded me of the email that tells us God has created things like that for our pleasure. He doesn’t have to do that, He just does because He loves us!!

Well, Valentines’ day has come and gone, just like it was another day. I don’t know if I build it up in my head or what, but it never seems to live up to the hype. I don’t want you to think I didn’t have a nice valentines’ day, because I had a great day (dinner & a movie at home!!) but maybe I over exaggerate it, making me feel like I should’ve done more… I don’t know. I think it’s just what I do. An over-thinker and an OVER-analyzer!!! This is something that I have been working on the last couple of weeks and it is going to take a lot of patience & endurance. It’s how I am wired, so I am praying that God helps me break the habit!

Probably because of Valentines’ day approaching, most of the articles or blogs that I have read have focused on love. Love is something everyone wants, no matter what anyone says. It could be love from a parent, a friend or a love interest, just the feeling of being love and accepted makes you feel good. It becomes unhealthy when you put all your hopes, wants and desires on one single person. Can you imagine the pressure it has to be on that person?? No one can take care of all of their problems (I can’t even take care of mine!), plus yours! Only God can. I have realized that this is something I do. I don’t mean to do it, I just do. I am trying to lean more on God instead of others when trouble arises, but it’s a learning process. And as I should… I’m praying for this too!! : )

Another thing we have to realize is that people are going to let us down. They can’t live up to the ideas and expectations that we have built up for them. They are human and they have faults, actually we all have them, as hard as that is to admit. : ) They don’t intentionally mean to let us down, (well hopefully they don’t!) but it’s just something that happens. I normally blow things out of proportion IN MY HEAD!! And what’s even crazier is that the person probably has no idea anything is wrong!! A classic case of over-analyzing that can only be conquered with God’s help!

So, what I really want you to know is that only God can provide us the unconditional love that we look for and he will never let us down. I read or heard somewhere this week that God is our Valentine. I have never thought of it that way, but it is so true. I am so thankful that God loves me, a weak sinner who is saved by grace. Hope you have a good week!!

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

Thursday, February 4, 2010

God's Love

Hey everyone!! Hopefully everyone is doing great! This year is going by so fast! I can't believe it is already February. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic, with things to do almost everyday but I want to thank God that I haven't got too stressed out about it lately. I'm not going to say I have been stress-free, but I haven't had a holy melt down lately! Whew! I can't wait for a lull in all the activities, but I don't see an end in sight yet!

I am posting the lyrics to a song that is on KSBJ (89.3-Houston). I have heard it many times before but for some reason it has just spoken to me more the last few times I have heard it. It is called "Your Hands" by JJ Heller and it has a really awesome message. Hope you like it...

I have unanswered prayers
I have trouble I wish wasn’t there
And I have asked a thousand ways
That you would take my pain away
You would take my pain away

I am trying to understand
How to walk this weary land
Make straight the paths that crooked lie
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine

When my world is shaking, heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave your hands

When you walked upon the earth
You healed the broken, lost and hurt
I know you hate to see me cry
One day you will set all things right
Yeah, one day you will set all things right

When my world is shaking, heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave your hands

Your hands that shaped the world
Are holding me, They hold me still

For some reason, the part about setting all things right seemed so right. We all go through things we don't understand but God will set them right. To me, it's just amazing that God really does care that much!! It's so awesome!!

"Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:39, NIV