Friday, June 25, 2010

Some day my Prince will come.....

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope all is well! I am sort of nervous about writing this….especially since I really don't like sharing lovey stuff like this!! I bet that has you hooked! Haha. I have something to be VERY thankful for and I just felt like I should write it: A) so I don’t forget since I am so forgetful and B) because the boyfriend should get all the recognition for it! Just so you know, I am so thankful for him! : )

Ok, we (me and the boyfriend) have a busy weekend ahead of us. We’re going to an out of town wedding and Thursday was the only “free” day I had. I really wanted to go swimming in his pool but since it is a lovely shade of green and he wanted to add the chemicals to clear it up, I didn’t get to swim. What a sacrifice! Haha. So I settled for dinner at one of my favorite places….Waffle House! And before you knock it, you really should try the Texas Bacon Chicken Cheese Melt!! It is heavenly and soooooooo healthy!! Haha. After dinner we stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a gift for the soon to be wedded couple. (This is a side note…while I was there, I saw something called Booty Pop. I can't help but add the picture because this is hilarious!!! Please don't let it take away from the boyfriends sweet moments!! I can't quit laughing when I see that! Whew!)
As we were leaving (it was around dusk), there was a few big, dark clouds that had the heat lightning in it. (Wow! That was a horrible description!! But that’s not the point!) As we were about to leave the parking lot, the boyfriend stopped the truck just so we could watch the lightning. It was really pretty since there weren’t that many clouds in the sky and the sun was setting. So we sat in the parking lot of the mall for about 5-10 minutes just holding hands and watching the lightning. How sweet….

THEN, (I know, he must’ve been in a super sweet mood yesterday) I had to paint my toenails for the wedding since I didn’t have time to go get a pedicure. I was just going to do it while we watched a movie. When I finally sat down to watch the movie, the boyfriend volunteered to paint my nails. Even though the fan was on too high and the polish dried sort of clumpy, it still melted my heart that he would even think to do that for me.

Maybe this is TMI for some people, but I am truly grateful that God has brought him into my life. He is exactly what I needed. Being single was a really big trial for me, especially thinking there may not be someone out there for me but God knows. Whether this relationship lasts a season or a lifetime, I am trusting God that he will provide that special person for me. And boy will he have to be special!!! : ) Hope you have a great weekend!!

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23

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  1. aww!! how presh!!!! He is so sweet!
    p.s. I LOVE THAT SANDWICH!!! That's what I get every time I go to WaHo if I have the money, otherwise I just get hasbrowns. =D
    and the booty pop...WOW! hahahahahahahaha