Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hey everyone. Hope you have had a wonderful thanksgiving. I know I did. It was so nice to be able to sleep in! But then I had to rush because I was told lunch was at 1:00 when it was really 12:00. But that's ok, I was only 30 minutes late! I really enjoyed this lazy day of visiting with family and eating till I couldn't eat anymore!

I just wanted to write about some things I am thankful for... my relationship with Jesus. It is amazing how God created the heavens and the earth and He still cares and loves me, even though I am a sinner. I am so thankful for his grace. I am thankful for my family. They are all awesome and I love them all dearly. For my friends, who are always there for me and know what to say. They are all so special and I am glad they are in my life. For my job, God has provided and I am thankful that I trusted him because it has worked out for good. My health and just every day! It is also a blessing to be able to live the life that we live, without persecution for our beliefs. I thank God for everything He has given me! And I thank Him for you too!!

"In everything give thanks" 1 Thes 5:18

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