Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Long time no see!

Hey everyone!! It’s been such a long time since I have wrote. There have been a lot of things going on and I just haven’t had time to write about all of them. Talk about all kinds of exhaustion!! I feel like I haven’t been able to catch up for about a month now. But when I do get to catch one day (and let me emphasize ONE!!) to do nothing, it is so nice! I’m so thankful for naps!! And if you know me, I treasure them! I wish I knew how awesome they were when I was little, because I would’ve had a lot more!!

Man, so much has gone on in the last few weeks. I haven’t had that much time to talk about them and wasn’t sure if I should or how to do it. I normally when I blog try to have some kind of message but today I just thought a summary of what I have been up to might be nice. They are going to be numbered but it’s in no particular order! I’m actually going to add pictures too, just for fun!!

1. I got to meet BETH MOORE!!!! It was insane! I felt like a little girl at a Jonas Brothers concert! Now I know how a stalker feels….only if she got to know me, I know we could be BFFs!! Haha. But seriously it was really neat to get to meet the woman who I’ve done bible studies with for years(just not in person). She was really down to earth and just too cute! But seriously, I think we could really be BFFs!!! Ha!

2. I also participated in Relay for Life this year with my boyfriends’ family.

His nephew has leukemia and they organized the team for him, Team Awesome Dawson. We played in a bowling tournament which was so much fun! In one of our practice sessions, I bowled the best game I have ever bowled… a 145!!!!! And of course I took a picture of it! And then our team won “Most creative theme” for our 3 Men and a Lady team name! Then we did the actual Relay for Life and it was so hectic. We had to move indoors because of the weather and there were so many people who participated. And by the way, our team won “Most Spirited Team” award! I think there were 82 teams in all and the last I heard the South Jefferson Relay raised $293,000!! That is so amazing and I am so glad I was able to be a part of that! (And thanks again to all those who donated to our team!)

3. I was invited to Las Vegas with my boyfriends’ family to attend his sisters’ wedding. It’s funny because I posted a lot of pictures of the trip on Facebook and some people thought that I got married!! (My boyfriends’ sister’s name is Heather also!! So there was some confusion.) That still cracks me up! I guess it happens though. We saw so much and then there was still so much we didn’t see. (The pictures are are sort of small but I was trying to be artistic!!)
4. While we were in Vegas, I HAD to stop by this one place…it was the MUST-DO of my trip!
I could have cared less about gambling but there was no question of stopping by the Apple Store (AND it was in our hotel! How awesome!!)!! I tried to not want the new iPad, but who can resist it’s 9.7 in multi-touch screen and awesome graphics?? So, I tried getting my little hands on one in Vegas to no avail and then when I got home I put my name on every waiting list here! Finally, on April 19, 2010, I purchased my new iPad. After much deliberation, I named her Pamela Irene Pad, Pam iPad for short. Although there was a little hiccup during the installation, Pam has been wonderful!! I am so glad that I bought her!! Hopefully I will have this kind of enthusiasm when I have children!! Haha.

Well, this concludes the summary recap. I hope you enjoyed it. I just can’t quit thinking of how God has blessed me, even though it’s been so hectic, it’s been an awesome couple of weeks. God knew I needed to have some fun, and boy did he bring it! I’m so thankful that He did! Hope you have a great weekend!!

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12 NIV


  1. HAHAHAHA - I have been resisting buying an iPad since I knew they existed :O) I almost bought one yesterday when I was at an Apple Store. Just holding one makes me know how much I am intended to own one :O) ALAS - on the verge of graduation this coming weekend I am terribly broke and figure I should use my money to drive down to my graduation instead of buying an iPad LOL - BUTTTTTT you better believe I will buy one as soon as God opens the door for me a job - i mean AS SOON AS they are like you are hired - i am going to get one LOL.

    I understand about being hectic - I mean look how many days are still missing from my blog project LOL. Nonetheless better we are busy instead of bored right? :O)

    Glad to know more about your life - even though I am totally jealous (in a good Christian kind of way) about #1. LOL. It likely would have been total Jonas brothers for me too :O)

  2. LOL! Cute! I like the BFF part with Beth Moore! I'm sure if she got to know you she would be BFF! hehe