Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Celebration!!

Hey! Here’s another fun post! I just had to update you on the best week ever!! Whew!! I’ve had such an action packed week/weekend, it’s a miracle that I can make a sentence! The Lord has really blessed me last week more than I can name! It’s so awesome when we can immediately see God working in our life, for our good! I am so thankful for all my friends and family this week! My heart is overflowing from their kindness and love. Thank you Lord for your joy!!

Well, as some of you know I celebrated my birthday last week and it was a “Big” one!!

I’m not sure how you feel about birthdays but they are pretty important to me. I normally like to have a birthday week! You may laugh, but it is just easier to get friends and family together multiple days instead of doing one party where some people may not be able to make it. Anyhoo, I actually thought about having “30 days for 30 years” but then I thought that would be too hard (and maybe a little over the top) on my boyfriend! Haha. So a week it was. I think I ate out every night last week with different groups of friends and family. It was a blast! Then the big night was Friday… that's right....80’s skating party!!
Actually, let me back up because I have to throw out some props to God. (Ha, ha…props) I feel like God actually helped plan my party! There were alot of set backs in planning this party but as it got near, God just opened doors and it turned out to be a really great party. Things like actually talking to someone at the skating rink, my boyfriend talking to them without me knowing (How sweet!!), finding the perfect outfit and on and on. He is so good and is into the details too!! Now, back to the story….

We had so much fun at the skating rink. It was so much fun to get out there and not really care what anyone thought. (Well, I really did care about falling. Not something I wanted to do!!) And what’s funny is the kids there LOVED us. Actually, my boyfriend sort of had a following. Why wouldn’t he looking as awesome as he did?!?! Ha ha! I think he had more fun than the kids!! Alot of the kids were so sweet. They would tell me happy birthday and that they liked my dress. I know for a fact if I would’ve been that age, I definitely wouldn’t have talked to any strangers especially looking like we did!! But they were super nice. One little girl actually gave me one of her own bracelets for my birthday. It just really blessed me because I wouldn’t have thought to do that, especially to a weirdo in 80’s clothes!! Ha ha. Everything turned out really great and I was so glad that my friends actually dressed up!! I was nervous my boyfriend and I would be the only ones in costume. But at least I can say I am dating a rock star!! Haha.

Stay tuned...I've started working on a post where God has really shown up. Just more credit for the things he's done in my life!! Hope you have a good week!!

"Give me happiness, o Lord, for my life depends on you." Psalm 86:4 NLT


  1. that party looks absolutely incredible!!!!!!! I'm so glad it worked out. =) The outfits - amazing. Your friends are great! Happy birthday again, girl.

  2. Thanks!! It was so much fun!! Wish you could've been here!!