Friday, May 21, 2010

God Stops

Hello, hello!! This week has been pretty good! And thank God it’s Friday!! No major plans this weekend. Hopefully some rest and relaxation is in the schedule, lounging by the pool, reading a good book. I just love May!!

As promised, this post is to reflect on things that I know for a fact that God has done for me recently!! Looking back, it’s so awesome to see where he has taken us, but we easily forget the day to day things he has done for us. That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to document this, especially in writing, is so I won’t forget the smaller things that God has done for me!

The first one that I want to point out happened during our Beth Moore simulcast at our church. We had prayed for weeks for everything to go just perfect and that morning the weather looked horrible. On my way to church, it was foggy and drizzling…just nasty. Then about 5 minutes after I got in the church (a BIG thank you God for that!!) the bottom fell out! It was raining so hard and loud! I personally was praying it would stop because I didn’t want the satellite equipment to go out!! (I was the technical contact for our church!) Well, we were busy with setting everything up that I didn’t really pay attention to the weather anymore. Then about 30 minutes before the simulcast started, I went outside and it looked like this! God is so awesome!
BTW, the simulcast was great!! There were a couple of technical difficulties but nothing we couldn’t fix. Or more appropriately, nothing that God couldn’t fix!!

About 2 years ago, I went in for my yearly physical and the doctor noticed my thyroid was enlarged. After some tests, they sent me to a specialist. They did an ultrasound and measured it. Six months later, they measured it again and it had grown so they scheduled a biopsy. Everything came back normal except that it was enlarged, most likely with fluid. They recommended removing the nodule, just because it was growing (it had no effect on my thyroid levels). For some reason I couldn’t make sense of removing something that was not causing any problems. So I didn’t do it. Well, this year at my annual thyroid exam, the nodule had shrunk! It was 1.4cm previously and now it is 1.1cm! I was excited and knew that God was watching out for me.

Well, my dad has been telling me I need to replace my tires on my car for at least a month now. But who really wants to do that?!? (Sometimes I hate being a grown-up!!) So, on Sunday he told me that he thought they were splitting so I finally planned to take my car in on Friday and get new tires (boo!). On my way home Thursday, long story short, I ran over a huge board on IH-10!! (Yes, it was unavoidable!!) When I looked at my tire, I didn’t notice anything crazy, but when my boyfriend looked at it he saw that the rim had cut my tire on the side. It sort of looked like someone had bit the tire! The damage could’ve been so much worse, to my fender or frontend of my car! Or I could’ve gotten into a wreck, but again I felt God was watching over me.

During all this tire craziness, I was thinking about how much it was going to cost for my tires. It didn’t help my dad thought they were going to cost $700 per tire!!! (which they didn’t! Thank you God!!) Not that I was seriously worrying, it was just on my mind. Then, $250 randomly showed up in my checking account. I still haven’t figured out why it’s there (calling the bank is on my to-do list : )) but personally I feel like God is watching out for me again.

There’s nothing He can’t do and nothing we can’t do, if we trust Him. I have been trying to notice God more in my everyday life, because we get so easily trapped in the negativity. The main theme that I have been focusing on is “choices”. You can choose happiness in any situation, especially when you choose God. Hope you have a great weekend!!

“Nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37


  1. This really really really encouraged me just now. I will explain a little more about what's going on in our email, but wow. It's incredible. God works in mysterious ways and He has definitely used you to help me!! You are such a great friend. =) I'm so glad He's looking out for you!!! That sky is incredible. There's a song called "Picture of Your Love" by Luke Wood that talks about "the sun after all of the rain's gone" - incredible!!! =)

  2. Happy belated birthday. You have reached the big 30 before me AND well I can't say I am jealous of that LOL. It's good to know we don't die automatically when we reach that age hahahaha! That has been a concern LOL.

    I too am glad God brought us together on here. It's nice knowing that God is allowing me to share my crazy blog project journey with someone - especially a fellow Texan. So you said 6 years of school - does that mean you have your Masters too? If so, in what?

    I hope you are having a great day :O) OH & PS - I never think to check back on comments either - no worries :O) I figure we must remember when God reminds us eh?

  3. I'm glad that it could be an encouragement! It definitely has lifted my spirits!

    @April - 30 isn't so bad, just another day! : ) I mean, now I have all this wisdom and some colored gray hairs!! Haha. Oh, and I was in college 6 years because I didn't know what I wanted to do for the first 2 years!! God had a plan though!