Friday, February 19, 2016

He seeks me and finds me.

Yesterday, I could not overlook the fact that God is ever present.  I am continually amazed at how he watches over us and provides ways to comfort us, encourage us and to let us know he’s walking with us.  As I sit here jobless, with no solid prospects in sight, I can rest in the knowledge that God knows what is going to happen.  He hasn’t revealed anything specific to me, but he has comforted me with many messages of hope. 

Yesterday in my bible study, there was a reminder from 2 Corinthians 4:9; that we are not forsaken or not destroyed because God’s promises endure.  During a Periscope with Beth Moore yesterday (you know, the 24-hour thing), she spoke about dread being the lack of faith in God.  I’ve never thought of it that way but it is so true.  I find myself starting to panic about all the worries and grown up things we have to deal with, and I have to make myself stop…its a vicious cycle.  But Beth spoke the verses Psalm 112:6-8, Isaiah 26:3-4 and Proverbs 3:1-8 and that gives me hope.  Hope that God knows the innermost desires of my heart and he will work it out for my good.  It may not be how I thought it would turn out, or even what I thought it would look like, but God knows.  Then today during my bible study, we were asked to personalize bible verses to make them more applicable to us.  The list included Deuteronomy31:8, Romans 15:18, Micah 7:7 and my favorite verse of all time, Jeremiah 29:11-13.  Jeremiah 29:11-13 has been my go to verse since 2004 when I graduated from college.  It has helped me have hope through some of the roughest times in my life, but today I looked at it in wonder all over again.  When I personalized verse 13 “HEATHER will seek me and find me when SHE seeks me with all her heart.”  WOW!  I have definitely been seeking God more lately and I have found him and that gives me so much hope!  I’m so thankful that a word written so long ago, still applies to me today.  It’s so amazing!

This morning, I realized that I would have never left my job intentionally because I pretty much loved my job.  Everyone was a joy to work with and it was a place where people helped one another to get things accomplished.  But knowing that, God must have something better in store for me, and I have no idea how that will turn out.  It’s scary and suffocating to an introvert like myself, having to start over, having to prove myself to other people…it’s the worst for my analytical planning self.  But God is bringing me to it, and I know he’ll bring me through it.  Man, he’s such an awesome God.  Thank you Jesus, for choosing me, a lowly sinner, saved by grace.  Praying many blessings to you.

“But as for me, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.”  Micah 7:7

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